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With cases of AIDS soaring among women, health experts are taking a hard look at an old question. Researchers at dozens of U. Not all women can insist on condom use. A woman would apply the substance, in the form of a gel or foam, to her vagina before sex. In developing microbicides, researchers are building on their knowledge of spermicides--the foams, jellies and creams that are usually used with condoms for birth control.

For Women: Safer Sex

Found: Condom for women, impotence cure for men

The liquid formulated by a University of Utah team turns into a gel-like coating when inserted into the vagina. Then, when exposed to semen, it returns to liquid form and releases an anti-viral drug to attack HIV. However, the technology, featured in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, is still around five years away from being tested in humans. We're shooting for a microbicide delivery system that would be used once a day or once a month Dr Patrick Kiser University of Utah And the researchers predict it will be around 10 years before it might be in widespread use. Researcher Dr Patrick Kiser said: "The ultimate hope for this technology is to protect women and their unborn or nursing children from the Aids virus. They are seen as a way for women to gain power by protecting themselves from HIV, particularly in impoverished nations where Aids is widespread, where rape is rampant, or, where conventional condoms are taboo, not reliably available or where men resist using them.

HIV-blocking Gel For Women: New 'Molecular Condom' Meant To Prevent AIDS

This is unique. In these places, women often are not empowered to force their partners to wear a condom. Kiser is the senior author. Kiser estimates that if all goes well, human tests of the gel would start in three to five years, and the gel would reach the market in several more years.
The research has been published in the latest issue of the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Patrick Kiser, an assistant professor of bioengineering at the University of Utah, said that the gel is called a molecular condom because it is composed of molecules that are liquid at room temperature and, when applied in the vagina, will spread and turn into a gel and effectively coat the tissue. Up until now, research has shown that potential side effects of microbicides include itching, increased vaginal discharge and inflammation. But, Kiser said, initial testing of the molecular condom indicates these gels are likely to be well tolerated.
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